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We live in a fabulous period of transformation and transition where everyone is awakening, consciously or not, to all their possibilities and to a more elevated consciousness which allows the understanding of who we are specially in relation to our surrounding and with the Univers. This path of awakening can be exalting and sometimes disturbing. Every day Energies of Light and transformation come to bath our beautiful planet Gaia and shift the consciousness of all her kingdoms of life. WE ARE ONE. And in the ONENESS consciousness, only Love and Light exist.

We are happy to share with you our journey of healing, Understanding, Consciousness and Transformation with the Beings and Frequencies of Light and Love who assit and guide us through the transmission that you will find on this site.

In this wonderful journey of Life, we are all on the same Vessel.., May your journey be of the purest Peace, Love and Light and in the perfection of the best possible outcome for all...

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