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Who is Sophie

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I always felt that there was a lot more to life then what  was apparent to our 5 senses. When I was a little girl, I remember feelling so happy and pampered that I was sure I had won the lottery. I was living in such abundance even so I was looking around me and I was seing suffering. It was the beginnign of my spiritual quest... Understanding life and its mystery.

My love for humain beings brought me to work in health care since almost 20 years. My patients, my family , my friends and specially my 4 wonderful children have been my greatest masters. It is close to them that I developed my intuition and this connection with the Superior Dimensions.

Since 3 years, I teach self love and I offer my channel to Light Beings and Fréquencies that desire to transmit guidance,teachings, activations and healing. Maitreya, Sananda, Thot, Anna, Adama, Gaia; and now Ancient Ones and other Frequencies of light borrow my voice, my eyes and my hands.

This road of releasing and self healing became and adventure where I am happy to serve.

Thanks to all of you that make it possible.

With love,

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